prelude to a help page

One of the assignments for the Technology training subcommittee of the Staff Development & Training Committee  Circ Team Technology Training sub-Committee* is to check out the Library IT page and talk about a tool listed on it.  Before that, I’d like to do a pre-assignment and talk about the library staff page, which has gone from being barely navigable, to being one of my favorite productivity tools for work. It was recently tweaked by a colleague (yay, Chris!!!) in the Administration office and proves, once again, that web designers need to be artists and well as coders.

The first thing to notice is that there is a lot of white space and it is arranged in two columns plus the sidebar. The two columns contain five groups and each group has several links, but the text is clear and to the point.  The placement of each group on the page is logical (if I have any suggestion at all  it would be to put “navigating the library” and “library tools” in the right hand column and move “outside the library information and resources” to the left under directories.

One of my biggest complaints about the library web page collection is that there is no TOC but the new library staff page comes close.  There are links to the IT help desk, Circulation Help, LibGuides…lots of things that were either not on the page before or were not placed in a logical spot on the page. It’s almost enough to make me want to make it my home page on my work computer.

I’ve been going through the links and it’s obvious that some of the web pages need to be updated when you click through but that is a problem with the web in general. That is also the subject of another post.


*edited to correct


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