just a ramble–the end of the semester is coming

I don’t know where the semester has gone.  I looked at my calendar this morning and we have 2.5 weeks of class and finals!!!  I’m not ready.

Here’s the list of things I planned to accomplish this semester and how successful I have been:

We’re doing a little shake up involving staff duties, but it’s not quite ready to get off the ground yet. Upcoming action item. Hopefully success.

The biggie was merging the Biology library with the ACES collection as part of creating a Life Science’s hub.  Even though we overspent a little we came in before the deadline for getting the Biology materials integrated.  This success was because I had a kick-butt staff working very hard on the project. [A good staff is worth their weight in chocolate.] Success

As part of the merger we spent time on cleaning up the current periodicals file.  That is mostly done.  There are still some bugs, but I am hopeful that we will have an accurate and up-to-date serials list for the Life Sciences portal page. [As an aside: I am not a fan of the publishers of journals.  Serials catalogers have a special place in the great reading room in the sky because they have a combination of attention to detail and patience that is beyond me.} Ongoing

Working on training materials and updating library procedures and policy and making sure everyone knows where materials are located and what all current policies are. This is an ongoing project, and it has been an ongoing project for ever. I’m getting files in order and I keep going back and forth between wanting the stuff organized and on line so anyone can find it and wanting to have a 3 ring binder with dividers and a table of contents. Ongoing

I have also gotten involved in committee work again.  Staff support committe, staff training and development committee, circulation committee.  I think it is vital for staff and librarians to work together to optimize resources and keep the library running smoothly. Ongoing / Successful


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