If the library was Atlassian

If the library was Atlassian (a software company based in Sydney, Australia) we wouldn’t need a retreat on becoming a Learning Organization, because we would already be one.  Below is a video from Atlassian talking about the core values of the company.  I found it via Read, Write, Web and I was inspired.

At the risk of being redundant, customer service is customer service. If we had as much fun doing our jobs as these guys do, that is a win-win scenario. It doesn’t matter who you are dealing with, whether it is the library user or a coleague.

btw, this is NSFW (Aussies are like that).  If you watch it at work, use headphones.

Atlassian goal and core values:

Create useful products people lust after

  • open company, no bullsh*t
  • Build with heart and balance
  • Don’t f*ck the customer
  • Play as a team
  • Be the change you seek

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