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Social media creeps up on you like tile mold…or maybe the evil creepy bad guy in one of those horror movies that I never watch.  I was just made aware of, not only the new Google privacy policy, but also the Facebook timeline that you can’t opt out of (as of March 1).

According to Facebook, timeline is the greatest thing since sliced bread.  Pictures, stories, games, contacts…it’s all right out there in front of your mom and everybody. I’m not sure I want to be so open…used to, I was willing to share anything with anybody.  That was back in the days of usenet*, a self limiting social group…limited mostly to  the people who had both access to a desktop computer and some entity that granted access to the hallowed halls of a particular server…it was like pulling teeth for ordinary people like me to get an email address in 1991…email was the domain of scientists, secretaries, engineers and geeks.

Now, everyone can go almost anywhere and find out almost anything about anyone.

To quote my nephew:

lol…. and this whole new “timeline” for facebook just helps people stalk pages, and give them something to do and learn about your life for the past 5-7 years…I can smell a strong case of Blackmail for alot of people now, lol…



I caught myself stalking myself for a few minutes, lol…. Wow how time changes… I’ve been in about 6 relationships since my divorce according to Facebook, which i’m pretty sure is a lie, lol…..

This is what my husband calls “the law of unintended consequences.” We were just discussing it yesterday, discussing a different subject.  It makes me wonder what archivists in the future are going to think.  It makes me consider going back to a paper journal and hiding it under my mattress. If I was more paranoid I’d pull out of Facebook and Google+ and Twitter and Live Journal  altogether…at the same time, I needed to let a bunch of people know some information that I thought was important, so I posted in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Live Journal and even in old faithful Usenet. Social media has a place, and for most of us, our lives would be poorer without it.  I’m not sure that it can claim that it is good, or even innocuous…

*Usenet is one of the oldest computer network communications systems still in widespread use. It was conceived in 1979 and publicly established in 1980 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University,[1] over a decade before the World Wide Web was developed and the general public got access to the Internet. It was originally built on the “poor man’s ARPANET,” employing UUCP as its transport protocol to offer mail and file transfers, as well as announcements through the newly developed news software such as A News. The name USENET emphasized its creators’ hope that the USENIX organization would take an active role in its operation.[2]


One response to “Facebook timeline

  1. I do wonder about the nest generation, those kids my friends are having now, who will never have known a world without instant technologies, cell phone, and most significantly, social networking.

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