Ap for Leadership That Can Be Adapted for Training

Marcus Buckingham’s new post in the Harvard Business Review talks about developing a new app to Hilton Worldwide’s focused-service brands to create an algorithmic model of leadership development and an app that sustains personalized learning.

That sounds pretty buzzwordy, but anything that can assist in improving  staff training works for me. Buckingham does a good job of describing the rules, guidelines, parameters, etc. but this is what impressed me:

When devising the app, we relied on certain principles. We wanted every communication to be:

  • Short. Each technique is delivered as a staccato burst. Some commentators believe that society’s fascination with alerts, updates, and tweets is harmful, raising levels of distraction and shortening attention spans. We think the causal arrow points the other way: People like alerts, updates, and tweets precisely because the brain is built to pay more attention to short, frequent stimuli than to sustained input.
  • Personalized. Although the algorithm ensures that most of the techniques someone receives come from leaders whose strengths match his, occasionally the app delivers techniques from leaders with different sorts of strengths, both to add surprise and to avoid the echo-chamber effect.
  • Interactive. After receiving a technique, an employee can either “ditch” it or “bank” it. Those that are ditched disappear, and those that are banked are stored in an ever-growing idea vault of the leader’s own making, where they can be organized and “favorited” for later use.

It seems to me that these are rules for most initial and continuing training (with in depth training added in the appropriate amounts and at the appropriate time.)


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