Flatworld Knowledge e-textbook platform review via The Digital Reader

It’s coming on to Fall Semester again and textbooks are expensive…Flatworld Knowledge is one way that instructors can get around that. It provides access to Open Source customizable textbooks. The instructor can assign a text that he or she can adapt to the particular class, the students won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for texts that may or may not be used, teaching and learning will become more efficient, and it will help with back problems among the college aged person. Of course, it involved change and adaptation on the part of the instructor, it will annoy conventional textbook publishers

The review Flatworld Knowledge by Jeff Cohen the Textbook Guru is helpful and informative. You can read it here:

A couple of quotes:


Flatworld Knowledge describes themselves as a “college textbook publishing company on a mission.” What mission is that? Simple, to lower the cost of textbooks for students and allow faculty to control the material they teach and the materials their students are required to purchase. How do they do this? First and most importantly by ditching the traditional ‘All Rights Reserved’ license that most publishers use for a ‘Creative Commons license’ which is an open-license. For faculty this means “unprecedented control over content” and “permission to create a derivative version of any textbook.”

…Flatworld Kowledge has the potential to be a game changer in the textbook publishing and retail world.

I just wish that Flatworld Knowledge had been around when I was an undergrad.




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