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east side of library in fall

As the University Library welcomes back students for the fall semester, it also announces several important changes.

  • Over the course of the coming year, the first floor of the Main Library will be remodeled to create a consolidated Social Sciences, Health, and Education Library (SSHEL).  Work is already underway.  Seehttp://www.library.illinois.edu/sshel/news/SSHELibrary.html.
  • A new Library home page has been unveiled.  See http://www.library.illinois.edu.  During the fall term, the new look will be applied across the entire Library website.
  • New software, called PaperCut, is now installed on the Library’s public printers.  This makes it easier than ever for students to print from Library computers and charge to their student accounts or pay in cash at the Undergraduate Library.  The cost is still just 10 cents per page!
  • The Library now offers free scanning equipment at many of its libraries.
  • The Library has raised the overdue fine for course reserve materials from $2.00 to $5.00 per hour.  It took this measure in response to the growing number of students who kept reserve books longer than the 2-hour check-out period, thus preventing other students from using them.  The Library hopes the higher fine will serve as a deterrent and enable more students to complete their assigned readings.
  • The Undergraduate Library has hired staff and is purchasing equipment to create a Media Commons on the upper level, where students can use media creation tools, be trained in multimedia hardware and software, and increase their media literacy. Funded by the student Library-IT Fee, the Media Commons is a collaboration between the Library, CITES, and other campus units.  Watch for an official opening later in the fall semester!
  • Minrva, an Android app from the Undergraduate Library, lets students find books on the shelf, check for available technology to borrow, and more.  See http://minrvaproject.org/download.

Do you have a story you’d like added to the Library News & Events? If so, please contact Heather Murphy (hmurphy@illinois.edu).


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