Made it through the first week…I think pt. 2

I like to come in before the library opens, or work when it’s closed, because it’s quiet and I can think and prepare myself for the day. I’m not really supposed to and it is against library policy and, as staff, I am not salaried and don’t get overtime, but dammit…it is what it is.

In any case, I worked the weekend before classes started because I like to have the students come in for orientation, to familiarize them with all the changes and to throw out the pre-beta schedule. As the student supervisor it’s my job to train and supervise the students (D’uh). I feel like Alice, running and not getting anyplace, but I have literally been working on a training manual since I started at the university in 1996. *

I thought I had things under control (that trick never works) and trotted off to Worldcon feeling pretty good. However first week and Labor Day weekend proved me wrong. Some students didn’t show up and didn’t get subs. Some students got subs and the subs didn’t show up. Some people were just fine. From Friday evening through Sunday the library is supervised by GA’s and there was a major flurry of email that I couldn’t do anything about…especially since I hadn’t even planned to look at email for five days.

Things are settled now and I think the Beta 2.0 schedule is set (like Google, my schedule is in permanent Beta) and I sent out the following email Tuesday afternoon after the Reference/Staff meeting:

In light of recent problems, we’d like to remind all student workers of the following rules:

  • Always notify a supervisor when you leave the desk (for your break, to go shelve, etc.). 
  • Always finish all library work before doing your homework or personal things. If you finish a project, ask a supervisor if there is anything else you should be doing before you start doing your own thing. 
  • Show up on time for your shift. That means behind the desk and ready to work by the minute your shift begins.
  • If you are running late for any reason, contact a supervisor before your shift starts to let us know.
  • If you are sick and are going to miss a shift, contact a supervisor ASAP.
  • If you know you are going to be gone, you must find your own sub. You are responsible for contacting other student workers (in person, via phone, email, etc.) and securing a sub or subs to cover your entire shift. Then, you must write the sub agreement on the schedule board AND email If you absolutely cannot find a sub, email to see if we can work something. 

The thing is, everyone (except maybe the 3-4 new people) knows that these are the rules.

*I’m interested in the different ways different supervisors train staff because, theoretically, training can’t be standardized across libraries on campus. I still don’t believe it.


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