Free the Information, Dammit

When I first ran across the Censored Genius he was the Effing Librarian (and yes, I bought the t-shirt)…some of his rants are just rants, but I really liked this one (and, for the record, I don’t see these scholarly journal owners, publishers and content distributors the way I see artists who absolutely SHOULD be paid for their product or authors who contribute products of value to the journals in question and who DON’T get paid for their product (which is a whole nother can of worms).)

I don’t have the time to explain the how or why of online information or who owns it or what legal rights or expectations a company might have regarding its ability to collect money for distributing that information. But the point is, that someone has legal rights to all these things, but it ain’t you.We call these people, these owners and publishers and content distributors by their collective name: motherfuckers. And all they seem to want to do is fuck with you. There was a time when you could count the companies out to fuck with you on one hand. But not so now. The conspiracy of motherfuckers seems endless.

Because the list is so long, I’m going to just try to list the motherfuckers who prey on libraries, the ones who answer with a cheerful, Fuck You, when we complain about their monopolies and oligopolies.

  • You want that book/magazine/newspaper to remain in print? Fuck You.”But it used to be in print.” Now it’s not. Fuck You.

  • You want that book in electronic format for your library to lend? Fuck You.

  • You want that ebook for the same price as we sell to Amazon/B&N? Fuck You.

  • You want databases priced by actual use and not projected use based on service population? Fuck You.

  • You want lower maintenance fees? Fuck You.

  • You want us to stop increasing prices (when everyone knows that manufacturing/storage/delivery costs are going down)? Fuck You.

  • You want publicly funded science research that’s published in our journals to be priced based on our actual cost, which is probably zero? Fuck You. Fuck You. Fuck You.

  • You want us to stop screwing you? We love screwing you. It feels great. Now roll over, we’re not finished.


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